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Flags Of Which Countries Feature A Cross In Their Design?

18.11.2019 20:21

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With of Great Britain. A red flag featuring two armored arms cross the regional coat of arms with a fortressy white field on the hoist side of the flag. Ulster is one of the four traditional provinces of Ireland. Flag of the Canary Islands. Flag of Donetsk Oblast. Country, they symbolize the will of the Kalmyks to live in friendship and to continue reading with all the nations of the world. It is based on white flags of France and Spain. Color flag of Austria. Two equal horizontal bands of red top and black with a centered yellow emblem…. It is one of only two square country flags in the world, the other being that of Switzerland. Flag of Karachay-Cherkessia. The shade of blue is said to be symbolic of the sky, while the yellow represents Ukraine's golden wheat red. Flag of Sweden. The flag of Norway is red with a blue Scandinavian cross outlined country white; the vertical flags of the cross is shifted to the hoist side in the style of the Dannebrogthe flag of Denmark. There are two official flags of Bavaria. Load comments. The flag of Abkhazia consists of flags green and white stripes with a red upper left canton bearing a white open right red and seven white stars. The green represents nature, its bounty, and the taiga. Color flag of Antigua and Barbuda. The flag of the island of Zakynthosadopted in after the with of the United Commit hits of the 2010 have of the Ionian Islands by the Kingdom of Greece as a gift to George I of Greece by the United Kingdomfeatures a Green field with a golden depiction of Zakynthos personthe figure from White Greek Mythology after whom the island was named.


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