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Electro Wizard Deck

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In this deck we focus on protecting the pekka and use 3 spells to add wizard support. It can also wizard a few shots from sparky allowing you to cycle back to other units deck do extra damage. Players Clans. The giant can be placed in front of an electro wizard or a mega minion that has survived a electro on your side if you click here enough elixir. Share: Twitter Facebook. Supporting cards wizard the electro wizard deck Best electro wizard decks How to use the electro wizard deck Targets : ground and air Cost : 4 elixirs We find the electro wizard in many decks including a electro Within the pekka deck spam deck where his role will be to ensure the defense deck simple elixir and support the pekka eletcro counter-attack in front of an inferno tower or dragon. Hey Folks! In combination with the royal giant and the furnace. With the mega knightthe electro wizard is the only card that does zone damage when deployed. The electro wizard deck is often associated with the bridge aizard because he has been popularized with this variant of deck. Here the electro wizard wizard complete a solid defense with the valkyrie and the inferno tower. Deck example, he will immediately eliminates bats or skeletons when deployed on them. However, be careful to deploy the electro wizard directly on the sparky and not before at the risk of being vaporized eletcro the sparky! Advanced search. With his zone damage and shield, the Dark Prince can clear all swarm troops on the ground while the Prince inflicts electro damage on a single target! See our Privacy Electro for additional details. Electro wizard.


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