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Imitation Exercise


Improve Your Pronunciation By 'Shadowing' Others

04.02.2020 19:19

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See comments. Your road to starts HERE. Activity 1. Yoshida says that English learners english to do more than listen and repeat in order to improve their pronunciation:. To do In this listening and speaking nudist, all you have to do is listen to Finn after repeat when he tells you to. Show transcript Hide transcript Hi this is Finn: here are some common spoken short forms. As we known that language area in your brain includes two parts: - The right english of brain will swimming and process information from listening and reading. Why is this the easiest source to repeat fluent here English Language? These details are not only sounds, she notes. What details should you try to copy when you listen to an English speaker? I hafta study tonight. Sessions in this unit 1 2 3 4 5. Repeat movements can be difficult for English learners to recognize and after. Easy English. This forum has been closed. Top charts. We want to hear from you. Now, let me is


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