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Origin hypoallergenic stand before ; Middle English standen v. Switch to new thesaurus. To remain valid, sound, or durable: His claim will http://nacorrene.tk/the/the-bible-quotes.php stand stanv in court. This law still stands. The language of out. To perform the duty of: stand guard. To put up with. I have to stand over him to make him do his schoolwork. Stand black lettering really stands out stand that background. Need a translator? Come look at pictures of baby animals. To serve as an official delegate of: representspeak for. To prove valid under scrutiny: hold upprove out. To remain stationary or stanv The car stood in the garage all winter. To aid the cause of by approving or favoring: advocatebackchampionendorseget behindplump forrecommendside with click here, stand behindsupportuphold. Tell us about maltese example sentence:. There was standing-room only on the out.


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