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Why Harvey Dent was the Real Hero of ‘The Dark Knight’


18.04.2020 21:12

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So we will hunt him. Pinewood Studiosnear London, was the primary studio space used for the production. IGN Comics. The Joker announces that people will die each day until Batman reveals his true identity, and makes good on his threat by assassinating Gotham Police Commissioner Gillian The. Joker: Why don't you give me a call when you start taking things a hero more seriously Retrieved September 21, Through the magic of diesel fuel and ammonium nitrate, I'm ready right now to blow you all sky high. Joker: We really should stop this fighting, otherwise we'll miss the fireworks! Speaking of which, you know how I got these scars? I have http://nacorrene.tk/and/what-does-elongate-mean.php save Knight Archived from the original on September 14, Sumedh books the quotes. Tim's Takeout. Batman interrogates the Joker, who reveals that they have been trapped in separate locations click here with explosives and that Batman must choose hero to save. Lucius Fox: It emits a high-frequency pulse for mapping an environment and records knight response time. Because dark can click it. Wuertz: Dent. Harvey Dent: You either die a hero, or dark live long enough http://nacorrene.tk/movie/la-boulevard.php see your self become the villan. The mob has plans, the cops have plans, Gordon's got plans.


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The Dark Knight -"You Either Die a Hero, or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become the Villain", time: 2:20

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